Crathes School

Parent Council


Crathes Primary School is a small, friendly school within a rural community.  It has exceptional staff, and all the children have a wonderful opportunity to thrive, both in and out of the classroom.

The Parent Council is made of up to 8 parents from the parent forum and we meet once a term with Mrs Fraser, the Head Teacher.  Our aim is to support the staff in their work, to represent the parents and carers of the school, and to create a link between the teachers, and the parents and carers.

The Parent Council also helps to support school clubs, such as football and running.  We have an excellent school Swimming Club which is run by Cheryl Dufton, one of the parents.  It involves many of the school’s parents as either trained swimming teachers, or a poolside helpers.  All pupils are eligible to join.

We are involved in important fundraising for the school through different social activities such as a Halloween party, a Spring fair and a Summer fete.  Everyone is welcome to help and to share new ideas.

We look forward to seeing you.

Alice Foster, Chairman

Crathes School Constitution May 2018 (002) updated March 2021